CO2 Calculator for Chemical Transports

The user completes the input fields step by step from top.

1. Total transport distance (kilometers)
The transport distance should be determined very accurate by using route-planning tools.

2. Weight of goods (tonnes)
The weight of the transported chemical goods.

3. Mode of transport (two cases)

Case 1: unimodal transport
Select the mode of transport for a unimodal transport of chemical goods.

Case 2: multimodal transport*
Select the entry "Modal split (Truck + ...)". For all multimodal transports, road transport is used for pre and post haulage.
Select the mode for the main leg in the appearing check box.
Select the distance of pre and post haulage by using standard values or by entering custom values in the check box "Distance of transport modes".

* If the pre and post haulage is not operated by truck or if more than one mode is used for the main leg, please make separate calculations with unimodal transports and sum up the results by hand.

4. Button "New calculation"
This button will open a new tab of the calculator, which keeps the input data from the first tab. This gives the opportunity to make small adjustments and compare the results.

5. Button "Reset calculation"
This button deletes all inputs from the current tab and returns to the starting position of the tool.